Patricia Muñiz. Barcelona, 1970.
She began her career as a writer by publishing fantastic short stories in fanzines Catarsi and Les Males herbes, as well as being a regular contributor to Underbrain Mgz and Tercera Fundació on Sants 3 Radio. She also writes reviews, mainly about Comic in several specialized media.

2008 Won first prize in short story at Terror and gore Festival in Molins de Rei.
2011 Story “Cavall de foc“. Anthology of fairy tales “Criatures fantàstiques” (Ed. Meteora)
2012 April Corriente Sanguínea. Short novel illustrated by Bouman. (Ed. Underbrain Books)
November Llibertat. Participation in collective poem (Ed. Meteora)
November original story and screenplay for “La noche de Adán” (Director: Ramón Codina). Short part of underground erotic project called Barcelonorra.
December Play Room. Novel that mixes genres like science fiction, thriller and erotica. (Ed. Underbrain Books)
2013 April Live is life. Participation in the book of photographs by Raquel Calvo. (Ed. Underbrain Books)
September Home gat, garrí renegat. Short novel. (
2015 October      Lizzie: la estudiante que vendió sus bragas y acabó convertida en obra de arte (Amazon)
 2016 Abril  Malsons de gat. Anthology of fantastic tales. (Hermenaute)